Legal and Immigration Affairs

The main objective of the Consulate’s Legal and Immigration Affairs Department (LIAD) is to give timely legal assistance to Georgia nationals, service the Georgian government’s legal requirements in the Philippines, and advise Georgian companies and private individuals who are interested to invest and do business in the Philippines.


The LIAD is led by Attorney Michael Angelo Paderanga.  A Jerry Roxas Leadership Course Scholar, and graduate of the University of the Philippines Law School, Mr. Paderanga was a member of the Board of Liquidators under President Fidel V. Ramos; Government Corporate Counsel under President Joseph Estrada; Deputy Administrator of the National Food Authority and Vice Chairman of Food Terminal, Inc. under President Gloria Arroyo.

Mr. Paderenga is a Practicing Attorney & Councillor-at-Law. A socio-civic leader, community organizer, and philanthropist, his advocacy is to initiate, author and sponsor legislation for poverty alleviation, education and sustainable development.


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