Liter of Light Foundation to be Established in Georgia


In November, Honorary Georgian Consul Thelmo Cunanan is establishing the “Liter of Light” foundation in Georgia. Liter of Light, which began in the Philippines as a grassroots environment movement, is a non-government organization aimed at promoting the use of solar power and renewable energy and the establishment of related livelihood programs. Consul Cunanan is working closely with Liter of Light Founder and Chairman Illac Angelo Diaz.

Liter of Light is already present in over forty countries all over the world and is a regular participant in the annual United Nations Climate Change Conference.
Consul Cunanan will promote the use of the foundation’s unique solar lights in Georgia’s towns and villages. It will also be used as an eco-friendly lighting solution
for Georgia’s monuments and historical landmarks. Consul Cunanan and his partners will also begin livelihood programs aimed at promoting local manufacturing of solar lights. Partner cities of Consul Cunanan in the Liter of Light project are Rustavi and Telavi.

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