Consul Cunanan to hold Five-City Photo Exhibition in the Philippines and Georgia


In July and August, Honorary Georgian Consul Thelmo Cunanan is holding a five-city photo exhibition in the Philippines and Georgia. Entitled “Asphalt Stories”, the exhibition will feature photographs of the Philippines by famous Filipino painter and illustrator Professor Lakan Olivares.

The exhibition will start in De La Salle University in Manila on July 1, where it will be displayed in university’s library, “The Learning Commons”. From the Philippines, the exhibition will go on display in the National Parliamentary Library of Georgia, the sister library of “Learning Commons”. This sister-library relationship, the first of Georgia in Asia, was a project of Consul Cunanan.

Other venues for the exhibition in Georgia are the Josef Stalin Musem Art Space in Gori, Café Askili in Rustavi, the Gallery of the City Hall of Telavi.

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