Philippine Delegation Attends Rustavi Economic Forum

p2130687The local government delegation from Cauayan City, the first from the Philippines to visit Georgia, which was led by Honorary Georgian Consul Thelmo Cunanan and headed by Cauayan Mayor Bernard Faustino Dy, participated in the economic forum hosted and organized by Rustavi City and the province of Kvemo Kartli.

The venue of the event was the main banquet hall of Rustavi City. The objective of the summit was to present the economic strengths of the area to the invited guests and to explore possible trade and investment opportunities. Joining the Philippine delegation was Mr Levan Akhvlediani, Chairman of the Philippines – Georgia Business and Friendship Association, which is spearheading efforts to promote private sector investment in the country.

Aside from the Filipinos, other groups present at the forum were delegations from Poland, Lithuania, Ukraine, Germany, and Italy. The forum included presentations on macro-economic statistics, discussions on the strategic location of Rustavi and Kvemo Kartli and the area’s potential as a regional transhipment and manufacturing hub, and a briefing on existing investors in the area. At the end of the forum, the delegations were given a tour of the city’s public service facilities, foreign investment locators, and infrastructure. The forum was part of Rustavi’s city day celebrations and activities.

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