Dinner of Caucasus University President

On October 12, 2011, Consul Cunanan attended a traditional “Supra” (Georgian banquet) hosted by Caucasus President Dr. Kahka Shengelia at the famous Kopala Restaurant, overlooking the Narikala Fortress and Old Town of Tbilisi.


The dinner was to celebrate the latest batch of Caucasus University graduates and to fete Dr. Shengelia’s honored guests and officials from prestigious American, Lithuanian, and Latvian Universities and private companies and enterprises. Dr. Shengelia thanked everyone for their support for Caucasus University. The guests, in turn, praised Dr. Shengelia for his impressive achievement in leading the school to greater heights of success and development. They also vowed to continue to help strengthen Caucasus University. Other guests include Indrek Jakobson of the Tallinn University of Technology in Lithuania, Jason Scorza of Fairleigh Dickinson University in the USA, and William Cathcart Jr of Maybank Industries.


At the dinner, Consul Cunanan announced to the honored guests the newly-signed Memorandums of Understanding between Caucasus University and Lyceum of the Philippines University and San Sebastian College Recoletos. The MOUs, a first between Philippine and Georgian academic institutions and organized by Consul Cunanan and his staff, aim to initiate academic and student and faculty exchanges between the new partner schools. Dr. Shengelia also informed the dinner party of the key role played by Consul Cunanan and his associates in the release and repatriation in 2010 of 13 innocent Georgian sailors, detained at the Philippines’ Bureau of Immigration.

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