The Consul (a.h.)

Consul Thelmo Cunanan is a journalist and travel writer, management consultant, entrepreneur, amateur aviator (micro-light pilot, certified in Southern Africa), safari and wildlife enthusiast, sportsman, businessman, and event and TV host.


Consul Cunanan is a graduate of the Ateneo de Manila University and has a Masters Degree in Business Administration (MBA) from the Ateneo Graduate School of Business. He speaks four languages fluently—English, Filipino, Cambodian, and German—and has a working knowledge of Spanish and Italian.


His professional roles include the ff:

  • Board Director of San Miguel Corporation (San Miguel Breweries HK Ltd)
  • Honorary Consul of Georgia in the Republic of the Philippines.
  • Consultant for International Affairs of the National Parks Development Committee
  • TV host for the Global News Network (GNN)
  • Columnist of the Manila Times newspaper
  • Political Analyst of the Wallace Business Forum, Inc.
  • Special Adviser of the Somali Petroleum Corporation
  • President of the Philippines – Botswana Economic and Cultural Council, Inc.
  • President of the Philippines – Somalia Business and Friendship Association, Inc.

Prior to his appointment as Consul (a.h.), he was the founding member and Executive Director of the Philippines – Georgia Business and Friendship Association, Inc. and the President of the Philippine – Austrian Cultural Society, Inc.

Consul Cunanan supports many advocacies, including animal welfare and environment protection, women’s and children’s rights, transparency in government, sports development, poverty alleviation, and alternative medicine.

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