History of the Consulate

Thelmo Cunanan Jr. founded the Philippine – Georgian Business and Friendship Association (PGBFA) in 2003 as a vehicle to promote economic and cultural ties between Manila and Tbilisi.

Over the years, the PGBFA actively assisted various visiting Georgian government and non-government officials and organizations to the Philippines. These included delegations from the Georgian Parliament, media practitioners, and socio-civic volunteers and workers. Through his connections in Philippine society, Cunanan was able to create synergies for the effective exchange of ideas and meaningful dialogues.

In 2010, the PGBFA, led by Cunanan, as its Executive Director, was able to successfully expatriate 13 Georgian sailors who were wrongfully accused of participating in a gun-smuggling operation. Later that year, after leading the PGBFA for over 8 years, Cunanan was appointed Consul (a.h.) of Georgia in the Philippines.

Since then, Consul Cunanan has successfully initiated many cultural, economic, and tourism programs to bring the Philippines and Georgia much closer together. He has also actively promoted Georgia on Philippine television, newspapers, and magazines. For more information about the Consulate’s recent activities, we welcome you to visit this website.


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