Consul Cunanan Holds Philippine Academic Opportunities Talk for Georgian Students

1In early June, Consul Cunanan was a guest of Caucasus University and was invited to speak before its business, media, and international affairs students who are interested in overseas exchange programs.

Consul Cunanan, who is based both in Manila and Baguio City and has been promoting the Philippines as a training destination for Georgian students, started with facts and figures about the Philippines. Using a multimedia audio-visual presentation, he then talked in-depth about the different attractions in Metro Manila and major provinces in Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao.

Consul Cunanan also outlined the different advantages of the Philippines as a destination for Georgian students. These include the widespread use of English and ease of communication and learning; the dynamism, diversity, and openness of the local society and culture; the friendliness and warmth of the people; the booming tourism sector and facilities; and the country’s central location in Asia and an ideal base for exploring the region.

After the briefing, the students fielded numerous questions about the Philippines and possible academic opportunities in the country. There were also many who were keen to organize study tours and training programs.

Consul Cunanan has already initiated two (2) academic MOUs between Lyceum of the Philippines University and San Sebastian College Recoletos and Caucasus University. He is currently working on a third MOU between The Manila Times College School of Journalism and Caucasus University.




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