Consul Cunanan Partners with GNFC to Promote Georgian Movies in the Philippines


On May 27, Consul Cunanan visited the Georgian National Film Center, located at #4 Zviad Gamsakhurdia St. in Tbilisi, Georgia. The GNFC is an agency under the Ministry of Culture and Monument Protection of Georgian.

Established in 2001, it has provided funding to over 80 films and has represented the country in international film festivals and markets. The GNFC works towards developing national cinema and is the main source of support for the country’s film industry.

Consul Cunanan met with Mr. David Vashadze, Head of the Film Export and Distribution Department to discuss his plans to promote Georgian films in the Philippines, which include film screenings in colleges and universities all over the country and in cinemas operated by the Film Development Council of the Philippines. Consul Cunanan has been very active in movies and has already held two Georgian film festivals in cooperation with the National Commission for Culture and Arts in 2011 and Rizal Park in 2012. These were the FIRST ever Georgian film festivals in the Philippines.

Mr. Vashadze thanked Consul Cunanan for his continuing programs to promote Georgian cinema with Filipinos and gave the latter several full-length and short feature films to show in the Philippines. Consul Cunanan is currently working on a joint film screening with the Consulate of Belarus in July and a full, nationwide Georgian film festival from July to September.

Later, during the sidelines of the Tbilisi International Student Film Festival, Consul Cunanan met with GNFC Director Nana Janelidze who expressed her full support for the Consulate’s film development efforts in the Philippines.

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